7.1 Chinas First Civilizations Question Preview (ID: 17928)


a kind of character used in Chinese writing
a) ideograph
b) aristocrat
c) mandate
d) pictograph

a character that stands for objects, such as the moon and the sun
a) pictograph
b) bureaucracy
c) aristocrat
d) mandate

a formal order
a) mandate
b) bureaucracy
c) pictograph
d) ideograph

a system of appointed officials who run different parts of the government
a) bureaucracy
b) pictograph
c) mandate
d) ideograph

a noble whose wealth comes form the land he or she owns
a) aristocrat
b) pictograph
c) mandate
d) ideograph

the chinese call the Huang He River ___________ because it drowned its people and destroyed homes.
a) China's Sorrow
b) Chinas gift
c) Yellow River
d) Raging River

China's first rulers were probably from the _____________ Dynasty
a) Xia
b) Zhou
c) Anyang
d) Shang

The first capital of China was
a) Anyang
b) Zhou
c) Guangzhou
d) Shang

The ____ dynasty ruled for more years than any other Chinese dynasty in history
a) Zhou
b) Anyang
c) Shang
d) Xia

An important trade item durin the Zhou dynasty was
a) silk
b) saddles
c) plows
d) crossbows

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