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What did Cortes do to Montezuma?
a) treated him like a god
b) took him hostage then killed him
c) made him part of their army
d) give him a larger amount of land

Which is NOT a reason people are not able to leave slavery
a) fear
b) threats
c) high wages of pay
d) fear of goverment

Who did the conquistadors use as slaves?
a) English
b) French
c) Spanish
d) natives

Who did Bartolomeo start to bring over as enslaved workers instead
a) African workers
b) Indian workers
c) Spanish workers
d) Chinese workers

What were 4 reasons the conquistadors were able to successfully take over the natives?
a) guns, horses, disease, knew the land
b) guns, disease, strong military, good leaders
c) horses, disease, made friends with natives, disease
d) money, disease, good military, no food

What country supported Columbus' voyages?
a) Spain
b) Portugal
c) England
d) France

What area was Columbus trying to travel to?
a) China
b) Indies
c) America
d) Peru

In order to let Atahualpa go, what did Pizarro ask for?
a) land
b) to be king
c) gold
d) let his men go

What happened at the first English colony of Roanoke Island
a) They were struggling so Native Americans helped
b) They created a successful colony
c) They all disappeared

After the 13 colonies along with other lands were established, who had a lot of economic and political power?
a) Japanese
b) Indians
c) Egyptians
d) Europeans

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