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Who were the indigenous people of Latin America?
a) Native Americans
b) Europeans
c) Africans
d) Canadians

Why do people in Latin America speak Spanish and Portuguese?
a) because Latin America was colonized by Spain and Portugal
b) because Latin American people liked how the languages sounded
c) because Latin America is very close to Spain
d) they do not speak Spanish and Portuguese

Why should we save the rainforest in Brazil?
a) so plants and animals don't become extinct
b) to reduce acid rain
c) to clean up the nuclear powerplant explosion
d) because the animals are cute

Why is the population in Mexico very bad?
a) there are too many people living there
b) there is too much rain there
c) there are too many rivers there
d) there are too many animals living there

Which of the following fought for Mexico's freedom?
a) Hidalgo
b) Bolivar
c) L'Ouverture

What was the event called where Cuba allowed the Soviet Union to build nuclear missile launch sites?
a) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) The Columbian Exchange

Which of the following fought for freedom in Haiti?
a) Toussaint L'Ouverture
b) Simon Bolivar
c) Miguel Hidalgo

Which of the following fought for South America's freedom?
a) Bolivar
b) Hidalgo
c) L'ouverture

What is the event called where food, spices, diseases and animals were traded betwen the old and new world?
a) Columbian Exchange
b) Scramble for Africa
c) Conquering Canada
d) Laughing in Latin America

Where were the Aztecs and Incas located?
a) Aztecs-Mexico; Incas-western South America
b) Aztecs-western South America; Incas- Mexico
c) Aztecs-Haiti; Incas-Mexico
d) Aztecs-Canada; Incas-Venezuela

What is the most common type of religion in Latin America?
a) Roman Catholic
b) Islam
c) Judaism
d) Muslim

Who conquered the Aztecs?
a) Cortes
b) Pizarro
c) Atahaulpa
d) Montezuma II

Who conqured the Incas?
a) Pizarro
b) Cortes
c) Montezuma II
d) Atahaulpa

Which of the following would have the least amount of freedom?
a) Cuba
b) Mexico
c) Canada
d) Australia

Which of the following is not one of the three economic questions?
a) where to produce
b) what to produce
c) how to produce
d) for whom to produce

What type of government do Mexico and Brazil have?
a) federal
b) unitary
c) confederation
d) autocratic

In government, how is power distributed?
a) unitary, federal, confederation
b) autocratic, oligarchic, democratic
c) germanic, slavic, romance
d) tariff, embargo, quota

What type of government did Castro have?
a) autocratic
b) democratic
c) confederation
d) federal

Who took over Cuba after Batista?
a) Fidel Castro
b) Freddy Castro
c) Adolf Hitler
d) Hernan Cortes

Which of the following countries is not a member of NAFTA?
a) Europe
b) Canada
c) United States
d) Mexico

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