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You can achieve moral growth without regular personal reflection.
a) True
b) False

We can do several things to maintain our commitment to a higher standard of leadership except which of the following:
a) Keep a private journal about our commitment.
b) Make single decisions or vows.
c) Make our commitments public.
d) Evaluate everyday activities.

Gandhi took 3 principles from Ruskin's work which are all of the following except:
a) The good of the individual is contained in the common good.
b) All work has the same value.
c) You can achieve the ideal.
d) The life of labor is the life worth living.

For Gandhi, violence does not encompass all forms of exploitation, including discrimination and poverty.
a) True
b) False

All of the following are not absolute values except:
a) National interest
b) Loyalty
c) Patriotism
d) Truth

Which of the following is not one of the commitments Gandhi asks us to make as leaders?
a) Commit to reducing attachments.
b) Commit to secrecy.
c) Commit to training our conscience.
d) Commit to absolute values.

A single standard of conduct means:
a) We are the same in public and private life.
b) We only have to tell the truth in our private lives.
c) We only live once.
d) We only have one way to be since we are individuals.

Gandhi's definition of truth was broad. There should be truth in these three things::
a) Thoughts
b) Speech
c) Action

Gandhi tells us that as people we need to have a _____ standard of conduct.
a) Single
b) Double

Gandhi formullated two absolute values, which are:
a) Truth
b) Nonviolence

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