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All of the following are true of cardiac muscle EXCEPT that it ______________.
a) contracts about 30 times per minute
b) is found in the heart
c) has striations
d) is involuntary

_______________ is the chemical that gives skin its color.
a) Melanin
b) Phosphorus
c) Sodium choloride
d) Urea

There are about _________________ sweat glands in the skin.
a) 3,000,000
b) 300,000
c) 30,000
d) 3,000

Vitamin D helps absorb __________________.
a) calcium
b) glucose
c) oxygen
d) water

Which of the following would you NOT find in the epidermis?
a) pigment
b) dead cells
c) blood vessels

Which of the following would you NOT find in the dermis?
a) pigment
b) blood vessels
c) nerves
d) sweat glands

Which of the following would you find in the fatty layer?
a) fat deposits
b) nerves
c) blood vessels
d) sweat glands

What is the first step in regulating body temperature?
a) blood vessels dilate
b) blood flow increases
c) the body releases heat

Where is a gliding joint located?
a) wrist and ankles
b) neck
c) hip and shoulder
d) elbow and knee

Where is a pivot joint located?
a) neck
b) knee and elbow
c) hip and shoulder
d) wrist and ankles

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