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Define obliged
a) you have to do it because of the situation
b) none of the above
c) to taste sour
d) to obliterate

Define longingly
a) the opposite of short
b) to show that you want something very much
c) to jump very high
d) none of the above

Define confetti
a) a parade
b) a party
c) small pieces of colored paper that you throw in the air
d) a wedding

define tart
a) a sharp, sour taste
b) small pieces of paper you throw in the air
c) to be forced to do
d) an apple

Define grassland
a) an area of the savannah
b) a sharp, sour taste
c) none of the above
d) a large area of land covered with wild grass

Define humble
a) not considering yourself or your ideas to be as important as others
b) knowing that other people are not as successful as you
c) conceited
d) Daydreaming

Define impact
a) the effect that an event or situation has on someone or something
b) a large area of grass
c) a problem or situation
d) none of the above

Which sentence uses -impact- correctly?
a) The student was concerned about the impact of chicken fries for lunch.
b) The student impact the classroom during breakfast.
c) Some students try to limit their impact on the world.
d) None of the above

Which sentence uses -tart- correctly?
a) The apple tartly tastes.
b) This lemon is very tart.
c) I have three tarting bananas.
d) None of the above.

Which sentence uses -longingly- correctly?
a) The girls screamed loudly for longingly.
b) Mike longingly for a bagel.
c) I longingly for a piece of chocolate.
d) The girl looked longingly at the glass of water.

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