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This is when a ligament is stretched and torn
a) Sprain
b) dislocation
c) fracture
d) joint

This is where two bones meet
a) fracture
b) sprain
c) joint
d) ligament

Which term descirbes the connective tissue that holds bones together
a) ligament
b) cartilage
c) joint
d) vertebrae

Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of the skeleton
a) Produce blood
b) Store mineral
c) Protects Organs
d) Sends signals to the brain

Which term describes the soft connective tissue found in your ear and nose
a) ligament
b) vertebrae
c) joint
d) cartilage

Deep inside of a bone you will find
a) spongy bone
b) marrow
c) outer membrane
d) compact bone

Which of the following is not a movable joint?
a) Hinge
b) Pivot
c) Rolling
d) Gliding

What are several things you can do to keep your bones healthy and strong?
a) diet and exercise
b) exercise and over eat
c) eat fried food and watch tv
d) walk the dog and drink diet Coke

This is a condition in which bones become weak and break
a) arthritis
b) osteoporosis
c) hemophilia
d) cystic fibrosis

These are small bones in your back
a) cartilage disc
b) vertebrae
c) joint
d) ligament

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