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Convection currents in the atmosphere are driven by
a) energy from the sun
b) Earth's rotation
c) precipitation
d) ocean currents

What is the best explanation for why the seasons occur?
a) The Earth is tilted on it's axis
b) When the Earth is closest to the Sun it is summer and when it is further away it is winter
c) The Earth moves in an elliptical orbit
d) The Earth rotates on it's axis

Which motion of a solar system body takes the least amount of time?
a) the moon completing one revolution around Earth
b) a comet completing one orbit around the sun
c) Earth completing one rotation on its axis
d) Earth completing one revolution around the sun

A ___________ tide occurs when the sun, moon, and Earth form a right angle.
a) spring
b) lunar
c) solar
d) neap

Day and night occur because of the ______________of Earth.
a) ellipse
b) revolution
c) rotation
d) orbit

Which moon phase is seen between a new moon? and a first quarter moon?
a) waning gibbous
b) waning crescent
c) waxing crescent
d) full moon

During a lunar eclipse, the moon appears to be what color?
a) red
b) black
c) purple
d) white

The time it takes for the Earth to make a complete rotation is_______ .
a) 48 hours
b) 365 days
c) 24 days
d) 24 hours

What do we call the amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis?
a) day
b) month
c) year
d) decade

Which occurs when the Earth, Moon, and Sun are in a straight line?
a) neap tide
b) spring tide
c) first quarter moon
d) third quarter moon

How many high and low tides do coastal areas experience each day?
a) 1
b) 2
c) 3
d) 4

Earth's _______________ causes day and night.
a) orbit
b) rotation
c) revolution
d) reflection

It takes Earth________________ to make a complete revolution.
a) 24 hours
b) 29.5 days
c) 365 days
d) 12 hours

You turn on a lamp. The amount of light energy released by the lightbulb is less than the amount of electrical energy that flows into the lamp. What is the reason for this difference?
a) Some electrical energy is destroyed.
b) Some electrical energy is converted to heat.
c) Some electrical energy is converted to potential energy.
d) Some electrical energy is turned into matter.

The air pressure in an area is decreasing. Temperatures are warm, and humidity is high. What type of weather should people in the area expect?
a) sleet
b) fair weather
c) rain
d) snow

One rotation of Earth on its axis takes a
a) month
b) year
c) day
d) hour

The moon appears to glow because it ________________ light from the sun.
a) captures
b) refracts
c) uses
d) reflects

What moon phase comes after a new moon?
a) waxing crescent
b) waxing gibbous
c) waning crescent
d) waning gibbous

Which is an example of chemical energy being converted to heat and light?
a) a toaster browning a piece of bread
b) a candle burning
c) a lightbulb glowing
d) a music player running on a battery

The ocean is a biome with many biotic and abiotic factors. The abiotic factors in this biome include
a) algae
b) sharks
c) salt water
d) shrimp

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