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How does the amount of energy available at one level of an energy pyramid compare to the amount of energy available at the next level up?
a) it is 10 times greater
b) It is 10 times smaller
c) It is the same
d) It is 90 times smaller

What does an energy pryamid show?
a) a series of events by which one organism eats another
b) many overlapping food chains
c) the different food groups and the daily requirements
d) the amount of energy that moves from one feeding level to another in a food web

Why are there usually few organisms at the top of an energy pyramid?
a) organisms at the top are larger and require more living space
b) So much energy is lost from one level to the next that the energy available can only support a few
c) humans hunt for organisms at this level
d) only so many will fit in a pyramid drawing

If producers receive 1,000kcal of energy from the sun, what would the tertiary consumers in that energy pyramid receive?
a) 1 kcal
b) 100 kcal
c) 10 kcal
d) 100,000 kcal

How many times more energy is available at the producer level than at the secondary consumer level?
a) 10 times
b) 1000 times
c) 100 times
d) 100000 times

Which level(s) in the energy pyramid contains the producers?
a) bottom
b) top
c) all
d) the top 3

What level of the energy pyramid has the leas amount of available energy?
a) second
b) bottom
c) they are all the same
d) top

Which level(s) in the energy pyramid contain consumers?
a) top only
b) bottom only
c) Levels 2, 3, and 4
d) Level 2 and 3 only

A triangular diagram that shows the flow of energy from one feeding level to another is called a(n):
a) energy pyramid
b) food web
c) food chain
d) ecosystem

Which of the following could be placed in the first level of an energy pyramid?
a) mushroom
b) apple tree
c) goldfish
d) tadpole

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