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The longer a sediment travels (usually in water)
a) the larger and more angular it gets.
b) the smaller and more angular it gets.
c) the larger and rounder it gets.
d) the smaller and rounder it gets.

Two features that indicate the direction of flow of a glacier are
a) eskers and moraines
b) eskers and kames
c) moraines and drumlins
d) drumlins and striations

Around a meander, what happens when water slows down?
a) Sediments are eroded on the inside.
b) Sediments are eroded on the outside.
c) Sediments are deposited on the inside.
d) Sediments are deposited on the outside.

Rainfall will increase the velocity of a stream because
a) it increases the gradient
b) it decreases the slope
c) it increases the discharge
d) it decreases the sediments

The faster the wind blows
a) the smaller the sediments it carries
b) the larger the sediments it carries
c) the less it erodes
d) the more it deposits

Around a meander, sediments are eroded because water is travelling the fastest
a) on the outside
b) in the middle
c) on the inside
d) everywhere

Rocks deposited by mass movement will be
a) sorted, rounded and layered
b) sorted, angular and layered
c) unsorted, rounded and layered
d) unsorted, angular and not layered

Agents of erosion that sort and layer sediments are
a) water and ice
b) water and wind
c) ice and gravity
d) ice and wind

Sediment deposited directly by a glacier is
a) sorted and layered
b) sorted and not layered
c) unsorted and layered
d) unsorted and unlayered

Sediments are sorted and deposited by size when a river enters a lake because the velocity of the river
a) increases
b) decreases
c) stays the same
d) increases then decreases

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