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provide protection against things like fire and theft. These also provide loans to businesses and consumers
a) insurance companies
b) mortgage lenders
c) fire companies
d) theft deterrents

help you buy and sell stocks and bonds. may also offer other financial services
a) brokerage firms
b) insurance companies
c) day trader
d) stock company

offer short term loans to businesses and consumers but at much higher rates
a) finance companies
b) mortgage lenders
c) commercial banks
d) insurance companies

not for profit banks set up by organizations for their customers to use. Not FDIC insured but have similar protection
a) credit unions
b) member banks
c) commercial banks
d) investment banks

older style financial institutions that encouraged people to save their money in order to buy a house. Many of these failed in the 1980's
a) savings and loans
b) commercial bank
c) finance company
d) mortgage lender

to start a commercial bank you simply need to have a location and enough money to fund deposits
a) false
b) true
c) brisket sandwich slathered in bbq sauce with coleslaw
d) cheese fries with ranch and bbq sauce

high interest loan where you pay the bank on the day you get paid. Used by desperate people
a) payday loans
b) high risk loans
c) mortgage loan

if you want to take out a loan for a vacation (bad idea!) you would apply for a(n)
a) individual loan
b) commercial loan
c) mortgage loan
d) line of credit

the bank agrees to lend a specific amount of money to be used at any time for any purpose. Always available
a) line of credit
b) commercial loan
c) mortgage loan
d) individual loan

this type of loan is used to buy real estate like houses or business property
a) mortgage
b) commercial loan
c) individual loan
d) line of credit

the only thing you should even consider going into debt for is....
a) something that will increase in value
b) a car
c) a house
d) a stock or bond

the part of the loan that represents the amount you are borrowing
a) principal
b) lump sum
c) amortization
d) interest

what did we make in excel that showed every single payment over the life of the loan?
a) amortization table
b) loan table
c) interest paid
d) spreadsheet loan

who do the banks go to for their banking needs?
a) the fed
b) commercial banks
c) banking institutions
d) the white house

which of the following is not done by the federal reserve?
a) cash checks for you
b) control the money supply
c) regulate their member banks
d) print money

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