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What type of data will a researcher obtain with the question below:On a 1 to 5 scale, with 5 being very strongly, state how strongly you agree with the president's speech
a) vector
b) nominal
c) conceptual
d) ordinal

A student is teating the growth of plants in different color light. What is the independent variable?
a) amount of water
b) plant color
c) plant growth
d) light

A student measures how different types of corn grow in an area, which type of graph would best visualize the data?
a) line
b) bar
c) pie
d) histogram

A student records how much sugar will dissolve in water at different temperatures. What is the best way to visualize data?
a) histogram
b) line
c) scatter
d) pie

What type of chart can compare many pie charts?
a) scatter
b) stacked column
c) hierarchical
d) part

What type of chart would you make to show a family tree?
a) line
b) venn
c) hierarchical
d) bar

What is a diamond used for on a flow chart?
a) break
b) decision
c) action
d) start

A student is testing how well paint will last in different types of weather . What is the dependent variable?
a) surface painted
b) type of paint
c) weather
d) paint condition

What is the best way to illustrate a trend in data?
a) drawing
b) sketch
c) legend
d) graph

What rule concerning axes on graphs is correct?
a) Use large numbers on scales
b) start with the number 1
c) use only half the space on the graph
d) keep scale divisions even

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