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What is the best type of chart or graph to visualize how temperature affects heart rate?
a) pie
b) line
c) bar
d) scatter

A student records the total number of male and female teachers in his/her school. What is the best way to visualize the data?
a) pie chart
b) histogram
c) scatter plot
d) line graph

Which is true when making a bar graph?
a) Background and the bars should be in similar hues
b) each bar should be identified by different colors
c) adding depth to the chart helps simplify the results
d) the bars should be spaced evenly on the graph

What type of graph is used to display how monthly income is spent?
a) line
b) scatter plot
c) pie
d) bar

Where on a graph can the reader learn the identification of codes?
a) link
b) ordinal scale
c) legend
d) tick marks

In a color Venn diagram what color is in the middle of the light model?
a) cyan
b) black
c) magenta
d) white

A ball is released from the top of a ramp and the acceleration is measured each time the ramp is raised. The ball's acceleration is which variable?
a) independent
b) dependent
c) tested variable
d) theoretical variable

What is the best type of graph to visualize how nutrition affects an athlete's physical endurance?
a) pie
b) histogram
c) line
d) bar

Which shape never appears in flow charts?
a) rectangle
b) star
c) oval
d) diamond

Which axis is the dependent axis
a) x
b) y
c) z
d) w

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