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Powers that both the national and federal government can do at the same time
a) reserved
b) delegated
c) concurrent
d) implied

powers that we assume Congress has based on their expressed powers
a) reserved
b) delegated
c) concurrent
d) implied

amendment that changes the meaning of the Constitution without changing the words
a) formal
b) informal
c) implied
d) detailed

powers not denied to the states or made exclusively for the national government; police powers
a) reserved
b) delegates
c) concurrent
d) implied

part of Congress that has equal representation for all states; created by the New Jersey Plan
a) Senate
b) House of Representatives
c) House of Commons
d) House of Lords

plan that favored the large states
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Connecticut Plan
c) Virginia Plan
d) Texas Plan

document that solved the problems of representation, how slaves should be counted and federal regulation of trade
a) Declaration of Independence
b) Magna Carta
c) Bill of Rights
d) Constitution

plan that favored the small states
a) New Jersey Plan
b) Connecticut Plan
c) Virginia Plan
d) Texas Plan

system of government where power (law-making ability) is divided between national and state governments
a) confederation
b) unitary
c) federal
d) parliamentary

powers of Congress listed in the Constitution
a) reserved
b) delegated
c) concurrents
d) implied

power of the Supreme Court to determine the constitutionality of an act, law, or policy
a) separation of powers
b) federalism
c) judicial review
d) limited government

power of the president to stop a bill from becoming a law
a) veto
b) federalism
c) judicial review
d) executive order

type of legislature created by the Constitution to solve the problem of representation
a) unicameral
b) bicameral
c) tricameral
d) Senate

returning a fugitive to the state where the crime was committed
a) judicial review
b) veto
c) extradition
d) bicameral

change to the Constitution
a) veto
b) amendment
c) extradition
d) judicial review

branch of government created by the Constitution to resolve disputes between states
a) legislative
b) executive
c) judicial
d) federal

an example of a concurrent power
a) coin money
b) create an army
c) regulate trade between states
d) taxation

list of amendments added to the Constitution to protect individual liberties
a) Bill of Rights
b) Magna Carta
c) Petition of Right
d) Declaration of Independence

the only branch of government that was present under the Articles of Confederation
a) Legislative
b) Executive
c) Judicial
d) Federal

Amendment that changes the words of the Constitution
a) Formal
b) Informal
c) Indirect
d) Implied

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