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What is plagiarism?
a) Using someone's ideas or writing them as your own.
b) A big word I don't know.
c) Something that is okay to do in school.
d) A bibliography

What are the consequences (penalties) for plagiarism?
a) All of these
b) You can be sued.
c) You can be suspended or expelled.
d) You can go to prison and pay a fine.

Why is it important to cite all your sources?
a) You want to give credit to everyone that deserves it/
b) You want to take all the credit.
c) It doesn't matter if you cite your sources.
d) You shouldn't cite any sources.

I can copy and paste information in my report.
a) Yes, if I cite all my sources.
b) No, you can never cut and paste.
c) Yes, just make up sources.
d) No, information on the internet is not accurate.

If I plagiarize at HIS, nothing will happen because its only 6th and 7th grade.
a) No,you can be suspended or expelled.
b) Nothing counts until 9th grade.
c) Yes, it is okay to plagiarize.
d) All of these.

The word CITE means
a) to give credit for resources used in writing
b) another word for vision
c) to take aim at something
d) to see something in the distance

What is a SOURCE?
a) Resources used to find information.
b) An injury to the body.
c) Something you can make up.
d) A liquid you put on spaghetti.

What is a bibliography?
a) A list of sources used in a report and where they can be found.
b) A true story written about someone.
c) Another name for writing a book.
d) A religious book.

Where is a bibliography found in a report?
a) At the end of the report.
b) At the beginning of the report.
c) On a separate piece of paper
d) Only in your research.

How many sources should I use in my report?
a) 2 or 3
b) as many as it takes
c) 1
d) 0

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