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Evolution was not passed in many states. Which statement does not describe a cultural change that occurred in the 1920s?
a) Women were sometimes arrested for wearing bathing suits that exposed their legs.
b) Black musicians, such as Duke Ellington, became popular with white audiences.
c) Laws supporting the theory of evolution were passed in many southern states.
d) Law-abiding citizens unintentionally supported organized crime by drinking illegal liquor.

Bears are losing value. Which term refers to a period of time when stocks are generally losing value?
a) a flat market
b) a bull market
c) a bear market
d) a boom market

Hitler was born in Germany. Adolf Hitler was the dictator of which country?
a) France
b) Denmark
c) Germany
d) Sweden

Totalitarianism does not give people free will. Which would a totalitarian government forbid?
a) newspapers publishing editorials that criticize enemies of the state
b) schools where all teachers promote the government's views
c) people voting in secret balloting for the candidates of their choice
d) political groups in which all members show full support for the ruling party

The founding fathers didn't want to rush things.Which statement about the Founding Fathers' view of the U.S. Constitution is accurate?
a) They believed the Constitution was perfect and would never need revision.
b) They wanted to make it possible to modify the Constitution over time.
c) They agreed that any future changes should be left up to the president alone.
d) They felt that the Constitution should be replaced within a century.

It needed another amendment. Which statement about the 18th Amendment to the Constitution prohibiting alcohol is correct?
a) It was nullified by the Supreme Court.
b) It was vetoed by President Harding.
c) It was reversed by voter referendums.
d) It was repealed by the 21st Amendment.

Palmer was scary. Which attorney general created a red scare in 1920 by arresting 5,000 suspected communists and anarchists who were held without trial and denied their basic civil rights?
a) Thomas Gregory
b) Mitchell Palmer
c) George Wickersham
d) James McReynolds

Prohibition wasn't directly related to the Depression.Which was a not a direct result of the Great Depression?
a) The weak economy caused factory closures and high unemployment.
b) The gap between rich and poor grew even larger.
c) The Prohibition amendment was finally passed.
d) Many farmers faced financial ruin in the Dust Bowl.

There was dust because there was no rain. Which did not help cause the Dust Bowl of the 1930s?
a) high winds
b) too much rain year after year
c) too much plowing of grasslands
d) light soil

oHoover was the president. Which term refers to the shantytowns built from cardboard boxes and discarded metal that dotted American cityscapes during the Great Depression?
a) condominiums
b) row houses
c) Levittowns
d) Hoovervilles

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