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one who enters a country
a) immigrant
b) emigrant
c) expatriat
d) deportation

One who leaves a country
a) emigrant
b) immigrant
c) naturalization
d) diversity

Author of What is an American?
a) Johnson
b) Berstein
c) Smith

Author of 100 Years in the Back Door, Out the Front
a) bernstein
b) Smith
c) Johnson
d) Merry

send back to one's country of origin
a) deport
b) citizen
c) naturalization
d) processing

leaving a country and denouncing one's citizenship
a) expatriation
b) immigrant
c) citizen
d) naturalization

One who lives and pays taxes to a country
a) citizen
b) emigrant
c) expatriat
d) naturalization

Different types of people from different counties
a) diversity
b) culture
c) emigrants
d) citizens

What identification mark was placed on clothing of immigrants to show illness
a) chalk
b) paint
c) dirt
d) blood

One way to become a citizen
a) birth
b) expatriation
c) deportation
d) green card

2nd way to become a citizen
a) naturalization
b) green card
c) marry a US citizen
d) deport

Location of processing center for immigrants
a) Ellis Island
b) Long Island
c) Hawaiian Islands
d) Arkansas

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