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The #1 import of Japan
a) Bamboo
b) Fish
c) Cotton
d) Beef

Farmland in Japan is_________
a) plentiful
b) very limited
c) year round
d) expensive

The country of _____influenced the way of life in Japan
a) Russia
b) United States
c) Canada
d) China

Japan lies in the _____________and has a lot of earthquakes
a) Ring of Fire
b) Middle of the ocean
c) bottom of the mountains
d) largest volcano

Manufactured Goods are______
a) an import of Japan
b) an export of Japan
c) expensive to make in Japan
d) part of Japan's religion

In the 1930's Japan took over
a) Large parts of North Korea and attacked South Korea
b) was a good friend of North and South Korea
c) Japan allowed baseball in its country
d) Japan was in the Olympics

Who runs farms and factories in North Korea
a) poor people
b) rich people
c) the government
d) nobody, there are no farms or factories

Japan's Government is
a) democracy
b) communist
c) Constitutional Monarchy
d) out of money

Huge urban area made up of several large cities
a) Megalopolis
b) Rural Area
c) Hokkaido
d) Shoguns

Body of Water between Japan and Korea
a) Artic Ocean
b) Yellow Sea
c) Atlantic Ocean
d) Sea of Japan

Huge sea waves
a) Earthquake
b) Shoguns
c) Tsunamis
d) Shinto

Major Religion in Japan
a) Christianity
b) Judism
c) Islam
d) Shinto

Capital of Japan
a) Tokyo
b) Pyongyang
c) Beijing
d) Athens

Northern Island of Japan
a) Shoguns
b) Tokyo
c) Hokkaido
d) Pyongyang

Military leaders
a) Shoguns
b) Generals
c) Captains
d) Sumos

Japan's highest mountain
a) Mt Everest
b) Mt Olympus
c) Mt Fuji
d) Mt Kodak

Capital City of North Korea
a) Tokyo
b) Pyonyang
c) Sumo
d) Shinto

Japanese form of wrestling
a) Sumo
b) Hokkaido
c) Shoguns
d) Tsunamis

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