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If you apply a constant force of 1 N on a book to pick it up off the floor and set it on a desk 1 m high, how much work did you do on the book?
a) 1 J
b) 5 J
c) 2 J

A student applied a force of 30 newtons to pull a wagon a distance of 10 meters in the direction of the applied force. How much work did the student do on the wagon? W= Fd
a) 5 N
b) 300 N
c) 400 N

An object is not considered accelerating when _________________________.
a) when it is not moving
b) when it goes fast
c) when it is turning

Which of the following is not a main factor of Newton's second law?
a) gravity
b) force
c) mass
d) acceleration

When Amelia is swimming, which way does she have to push with her hands to move forward?
a) backward
b) forward
c) to the right

The force that prevents a ball rolling on the ground from continuing on its path forever is __________.
a) friction
b) motion
c) speed

D54231 (Moderate) It would be easier to push a stalled compact car than a stalled limousine. This is an example of Newton's second law of motion. What equation below represents this law?
a) F= MA
b) W=FD
c) S=d/t

The main parts of a transverse wave are?
a) compression/ rarfaction
b) Crest/ Trough
c) Amplitude

In a transverse wave Particles move_______
a) Perpendicular
b) along
c) backward

High frequencies mean
a) more waves
b) less waves
c) taller crests

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