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which one is an AAAWWUBBIS word?
a) After
b) And
c) Is
d) Who

What do AAAWWUBBIS words help us do?
a) Connect two shorter sentences into two longer ones
b) Nothing
c) Identify dependent clauses
d) All of the above

Which one is a dependent clause?
a) Take off down the street
b) Before you take off down the street
c) You take off down the street
d) Down the street

What is an independent clause?
a) A man in a red suit tht brings you Christmas presents
b) A group of words that have no meaning
c) An incomplete thought
d) A complete sentence

How many ways can you correctly punctuate independent clauses?
a) None
b) 3 (semicolon, comma/FANBOYS, period)
c) 2 (colon, AAAWWUBBIS word)
d) 1 (period only)

Which answer choice lists all the FANBOYS?
a) After, As, Although, When, While, Until
b) For, And, Nor, But
c) For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So
d) None of the above

What do the FANBOYS conjunctions help us do?
a) Combine short sentences into longer ones.
b) Create a better flow for our sentence.
c) Make us sound smart.
d) I have no idea - Ms. Cavazos, I need help on this.

What punctuation do you need for a sentence that has a dependent clause followed by an independent clause?
a) Colon
b) Semicolon
c) A comma
d) Nothing

What word can be used to replace said in our writing?
a) Claimed
b) Questioned
c) Whispered
d) All of the above!

Which answer choice contains an independent clause?
a) When you wake up in the morning
b) Who are you?
c) Before you go
d) If you want to make me happy

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