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How was the Virgninia House of Burgesses important to the development of democracy in the thirteen colonies?
a) It was the first representative assembly in the colonies
b) It created the first written constitution in America
c) It included a bill of rights to protect individual rights
d) It introduced the principle of electing judges

Which best describes an important effect the First Great Awakening?
a) Followers put suspected witches on trial
b) slavery was abolished in the colonies
c) Puritans in England immigrated to settlements in the New World
d) Colonists became more emotionally engaged in religion

What factor played an important role in the development of the plantation system in the South?
a) A short growing season prevented the planting of most crops
b) A lack of fertile soil limited agriculture
c) Colonial government bought all the crops that plantations could produce
d) A warm climate permitted the growth of labor-intensive cash crops

The main reason that Great Britain established the Proclamation Line of 1763 was to-
a) allow Canada to control the Great Lakes region
b) avoid conflicts between the American colonists and Native American Indians
c) make profits by selling the land west of the Appalachian Mountains
d) protect the French Catholics of Quebec

The adoption of the Bill of Rights addressed the Anti-Federalists criticism of the new Constituton by-
a) allowing the national government to coin money
b) establishing a process for impeaching federal officials
c) providing for an indirect method of electing the President
d) protecting citizens from abuses of power by the national government

What has been the impact on the First Amendment on the American way of life?
a) It has brought an end to religious differences
b) It has helped to promote religious freedom
c) It has increased American interest in religion
d) It has fostered inequality between religious groups

A major reason President Jefferson supported the purchase of the Louisiana Territory in 1803 was that it-
a) gave the United States ownership of Florida
b) allowed the United States to gain control of Florida
c) gave the United States control of the Mississippi River
d) removed the Spanish from North America

The use of interchangeable parts in the manufacture of goods advanced the growth of the manufacturing industry because it-
a) allowed the continuation of the domestic system
b) permitted large quantities of goods to be mass produced at a lower cost
c) made it possible for unskilled workers to operate machines
d) brought an end to the common abuse of factory workers

Prior to 1850, what was the primary reason that the North developed an economy based on manufacturing while the South continued to rely more on an agricultural-based economy?
a) Protective tariffs applied only to Northern states
b) Slavery in the North promoted rapid economic growth
c) Manufacturers failed to make profits in the South
d) Geographic conditions supported different types of economy activities

Which of the following was a characteristic of the Age of Jackson?
a) Suffrage rights expanded
b) The Whig Party became popular in the North
c) A sense of nationalism grew among all regions of the country
d) African-Americans gained more rights in the South

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