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Movement of the chromosomes during anaphase would be most affected by a drug that
a) reduces cyclin concentrations
b) prevents shortening of microtubules
c) prevents attachment of the microtubules to the kinetochore
d) prevents shortening of microtubules

Which of the following is a function of those spindle microtubules that do not attach to kinetochores?
a) maintaining an appropriate spacing among the moving chromosomes
b) producing a cleavage furrow when telophase is complete
c) providing the ATP needed by the fibers attached to kinetochores
d) maintaining the region of overlap of fibers in the cell's center

What causes the decrease in the amount of cyclin at a specific point in the cell cycle?
a) its destruction by a process initiated by the activity of its complex with a cyclin
b) the changing ratio of cytoplasm to genome
c) the cascade of increased production once its protein is phosphorylated by Cdk
d) an increase in production once the restriction point is passed

Which of the following is released by platelets in the vicinity of an injury?
b) MPF
c) protein kinase
d) cyclin

Which of the following is a protein synthesized at specific times during the cell cycle that associates with a kinase to form a catalytically active complex?
a) protein kinase
c) cyclin
d) Cdk

A mutation results in a cell that no longer produces a normal protein kinase for the M phase checkpoint. Which of the following would likely be the immediate result of this mutation?
a) The cell would never leave metaphase.
b) The cell would undergo normal mitosis, but fail to enter the next G1 phase.
c) The cell would prematurely enter anaphase.
d) The cell would never enter prophase

Which of the following is true concerning cancer cells?
a) They do not exhibit density-dependent inhibition when growing in culture.
b) When they stop dividing, they do so at random points in the cell cycle.
c) They are not subject to cell cycle controls.
d) all

A particular cell has half as much DNA as some other cells in a mitotically active tissue. The cell in question is most likely in
a) G1
b) G2
c) Prophase
d) Metaphase

One difference between cancer cells and normal cells is that cancer cells
a) are unable to synthesize DNA.
b) continue to divide even when they are tightly packed together.
c) are arrested at the S phase of the cell cycle
d) are always in the M phase of the cell cycle.

The drug cytochalasin B blocks the function of actin. Which of the following aspects of the cell cycle would be most disrupted by cytochalasin B?
a) DNA synthesis
b) cleavage furrow formation
c) spindle attachment to kinetochores
d) spindle formation

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