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What is an area of of low land covered by water most of the time?
a) wetland
b) ocean
c) mountains
d) piedmont

What is all of the living and nonliving things that surround an organism?
a) swamp
b) marsh
c) environment
d) elevation

Which is a wetland with mostly trees and other wooded plants?
a) marsh
b) swamp
c) coast
d) mountain

Which is a wetland where mostly grasses and other soft stem plants grow?
a) swamp
b) marsh
c) coast
d) ocean

What do wading birds feed on?
a) grass
b) alligators
c) small shellfish, insects, and frogs
d) leaves

Which of the animals can be found in a swamp?
a) alligator
b) bear
c) octopus
d) coral

What is the place where freshwater and salt water mix called?
a) swamp
b) marsh
c) estuary
d) wetland

What filters out harmful materials from the water?
a) marsh
b) ocean
c) coast
d) mountain

Which statement is true of all wetlands?
a) Only plants that trap insects grow here.
b) They are covered by water most of the time.
c) They contain salt water
d) Trees and other woody plants grow well there.

An example of a wetland is:
a) dune
b) swamp
c) bay
d) river

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