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The organelle where photosynthesis occurs is the
a) ribosome
b) mitochondria
c) chloroplast
d) nucleus

If photosynthesis was interrupted, there would be an immediate effect on the release of
a) chlorophyll
b) nitrogen
c) carbon dioxide
d) oxygen

Eating a sweet potato provides energy for human processes. Which is the original source of that energy?
a) protein in the potato
b) starch absorbed by the potato plant
c) the sun through photosynthesis
d) vitamins and minerals in the soil

If a black paper was covering both sides of a leaf, which hypothesis would most likely be tested?
a) light is needed for the process of reproduction
b) glucose is not synthesized by plants in the dark
c) protein synthesis takes place in the leaves
d) plants need fertilizers for proper growth

What are two reactants of photosynthesis?
a) glucose and oxygen
b) glucose and carbondioxide
c) carbondioxide and water
d) carbon dioxide and oxygen

The opening in the leaf for gas exchange is called the
a) mitochondria
b) chloroplast
c) guard cells
d) stomate

The loss of water from the leaf is called
a) transpiration
b) evaporation
c) condensation
d) respiration

Regulates the size of the stomate
a) mitochondria
b) guard cell
c) ribosome
d) chloroplast

Products of photosynthesis are recycled in nature for for
a) photosythesis
b) respiration
c) transpiration
d) evaporation

Photosynthesis is done by
a) plants only
b) animals only
c) both plants and animals
d) all living organisms

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