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What is a force?
a) Acceleration
b) A Push or Pull
c) Momentum
d) Velocity

Net forces are ______________.
a) Action-at –a-distance forces acting on an object
b) All the different forces acting on an object
c) Contact forces acting on an object
d) Momentum forces

Which of the following causes the efficiency of a machine to be less than 100%?
a) Friction
b) Mechanical Advantage
c) Power
d) Work

What is a simple machine?
a) A device with one part that moves a single load
b) A device with three or more parts that moves a single load
c) A machine made of one or more simple machines that push or pull
d) Any machine that pushes or pulls

Which of the following is a form of the inclined plane?
a) Pulley
b) Screw
c) Lever
d) Wheel and Axle

What is a machine?
a) A device with only two parts
b) Any device that helps people do work
c) Motorized devices only
d) Objects used to move something

A hypothesis can be described as:
a) A hunch that says what will happen later today
b) A wild guess about something you think might go wrong
c) A type of statement made by researchers when they are trying to get funding
d) A prediction that explains what will happen in an experiment

Which of the following questions can science NOT answer?
a) Why do the leaves on trees change colors in the fall?
b) Why do bears hibernate in the winter?
c) Where is it that waves in the ocean form?
d) What is last year’s most popular book?

Which of the following increases the reliability of a scientific explanation?
a) Notes taken after an investigation
b) Repeatable test data
c) Several likely explanations
d) Vague statements

If the results from your experiment do not support your hypothesis, what should you do? You should:
a) Change your data to fit your hypothesis.
b) Modify your hypothesis and retest.
c) Not do anything.
d) Repeat the investigation until your data agrees with the hypothesis.

What does the Law of the Conservation of Energy state? Energy cannot be:
a) Changed into different forms.
b) Created or destroyed
c) Given off through heat waves.
d) Transferred from one to another

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