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What edict made Martin Luther an outlaw?
a) Edict of Trent
b) Edict of Worms
c) Edict of Paris

What English king wanted to divorce his wife?
a) George III
b) Henry VIII
c) Charles V

Who wrote the famous book, The Divine Comedy?
a) Schubert
b) Rowling
c) Dante

What famous artist created several madonnas and the School of Athens?
a) Splinter
b) Raphael
c) Leonardo

What does the word “renaissance” mean?
a) rebirth
b) artisan
c) finale

What was the name of the most popular book written by Niccolo Machiavelli?
a) Rich Behaving Poorly
b) The Prince
c) Overcoming Wealth

Who was given the nickname, “Bloody Mary”?
a) Mary III of Spain
b) Mary I of England
c) Mary VIII of Germany

Who started the Protestant Reformation?
a) RIchard Wesley
b) John Simmons
c) Martin Luther

The ________________________ of _______________________ unified the Roman Catholic Church and gave the Church a clear body of doctrine.
a) Council of Worms
b) Council of Paris
c) Council of Trent

What class of people was more effected by the Italian Renaissance?
a) Middle
b) Upper
c) Lower

Which of the following was NOT one of the 6 professions Leonardo da Vinci had?
a) inventor
b) artist
c) physician

What does the word “secular” mean?
a) worldly
b) religious
c) tribal

How many wives did Henry VIII have?
a) 5
b) 6
c) 4

Which of the following words means, acceptance into Heaven?
a) resurrection
b) domination
c) salvation

Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
a) Leonardo
b) Michaelangelo
c) Raphael

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