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Instead of _______, some games use a barter system to represent the same concept. _____does not have to be represented by a traditional banknote
a) currency
b) territory
c) rules
d) points

The object in this type of game is to build, maintain, or manage objects. The game may be directly competitive or indirectly competitive
a) chase
b) exploration
c) construction
d) race

In musical chairs, what is NOT a resource
a) time
b) chairs
c) clothing
d) songs

Rules are generally laid out in the rules document of board and card games. The players must _____ and ______the rules
a) recal/predict
b) remember/adjudicate
c) agree/understand
d) understand/amend

In Monopoly, the rule that gives each player $1500 at the start of the game is an example of
a) how to create game resources
b) when to replinish access to game resources
c) how to control access to game resources
d) how to eliminate game resources

The objective of the game of Clue is to
a) be ther first player to commit a murder without any clues
b) be the first player to deduce who, where, and how a murder was committed
c) be the first player to discover all the clues
d) be the first player to get away with murder in spite of any clues

in Monopoly, collecting $200 each time you pass Go is an example of
a) how to control access to game resources
b) when to replenish game resources
c) how to destroy game resources
d) how to manage game resources

When winning or losing does not involve scoring a specified number of points, and the conflict is opponent vs. opponent, what is the base of the outcome
a) player vs. player
b) objective
c) premise
d) subjective

What action would determine a penalty or award in a game?
a) starting
b) progression
c) special
d) resolving

Soccer and basketball are examples of
a) single player vs. game
b) player vs. player
c) team competition
d) multilateral competition

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