SV1 Mt Review 2 Question Preview (ID: 17267)


What is an example of rhythm?
a) image of a house
b) repeated images
c) picture of a dog
d) simple circle design

a student wants to combine 3 movie clips together into one presentation, what type of program should they use?
a) HTML editing
b) video editing
c) photo editing
d) spreadsheet

What type of balance has the designer acheived if elements have equal line weight to the eye?
a) formal or symmetrical
b) vertical or uneven
c) informal or asymmetrical
d) horizontal or even

What term gives owner protection for 'original works of authorship'
a) acceptable use
b) fair use
c) copyright
d) plagiarism

Which program would be used to write a letter?
a) database
b) word processing
c) drawing
d) presentation

software such as 3d studio max and autocad are examples of
a) word processing
b) photo editing
c) video editing
d) animation

Which type of software program should a technical artist use to create 2D technical illustrations?
a) spreadsheet
b) presentation
c) drawing
d) word processing

How should an important element be handled in a 2D design?
a) place it at the bottom left of the page
b) similar to other objects
c) place it near the side of the page
d) make it the largest item

The nike 'swish' and the McDonald's golden arches are examples of a
a) trademark
b) copyright
c) windding
d) icon

Where are the human eye cells that perceive visible light and color?
a) pupil
b) optic nerve
c) retina
d) iris

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