GAD Exam Review 1 Question Preview (ID: 17262)

Exam Review.

What game procedure is characterized by the statement The play alternates until one of the players gets four checkers of his color in a row'
a) starting action: how to put the game into play
b) resolving action: bring gameplay to a close
c) progression of action: ongoing procedures after starting the game
d) special actions: conditional to other elements or game state

Three aces and 2 jacks in poker is an example of
a) a straight
b) a full house
c) a straight flush
d) a royal flush

The game of Super Mario Brothers: rescue princess toadstool from the evil Bowser by completing all eight worlds is an example of a _______ game objective
a) solution
b) race
c) rescue or escape
d) capture

Game system that clearly defines that which is within the game vs. that which is outside the game
a) a closed game
b) an open game
c) a digital game
d) a board game

Essentially, this pattern is a single-player game played in the company of others
a) unilateral competition
b) single player vs. game
c) multiple individual players vs. game
d) cooperative play

Take a deck of index cards and write a single idea on each one, now pair the cards.
a) list creation
b) randomize it
c) stream of consciousness
d) idea cards

a primary objective category for Darts is
a) alignment
b) chase
c) race
d) capture

digital games, by their nature
a) do not need rules
b) must have very simple rules
c) remember and adjudicate the rules
d) require the players to adjudicate the rules

Which action would determine a penalty or award in a game?
a) starting
b) progression
c) special
d) resolving

Challenging the player by forcing them to employ a particular skill or range of skills causes:
a) conflict
b) barriers
c) procedures
d) territory

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