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Do you like watching films?
a) Yes, I am.
b) Yes, I was.
c) Yes, I do.
d) Yes, I can.

She _____ fairy tales.
a) like
b) don't like
c) likes
d) is

kresleny film
a) love story
b) cartoon
c) science fiction
d) poetry

Chtel bych syrovou pizzu.: _____ a cheese pizza.
a) I'd like
b) I like
c) I'd
d) I would

a) opposite
b) under
c) on
d) between

a) next to
b) on
c) between
d) in

Kolik to stoji?
a) How much is it?
b) Can I help you?
c) What's this?
d) What about this one?

a) butcher's
b) bakery
c) sweet shop
d) greengrocer's

Prosim. Tady mas/mate.
a) Thank you.
b) Of course.
c) Here you are.
d) Goodbye.

Chtel bych novy pocitac.: I ____ a new computer.
a) like
b) would
c) would like
d) am

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