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My mame anglictinu v pondeli.: We ____ English on Monday.
a) has
b) have
c) are
d) is

Do you speak English?
a) Yes, can.
b) Yes, do.
c) Yes, I can.
d) Yes, I do.

Tom hraje v pondeli fotbal.: Tom_____ football on Monday.
a) plays
b) play
c) playing
d) is play

Moje mamka pracuje v kancelari kazdy den.: My mum _____ in an office every day.
a) working
b) work
c) works
d) is work

Chci byt lekar.: I _____ a doctor.
a) want to
b) want to be
c) want
d) want be

a) naughty
b) hand
c) café
d) vet

Chci byt pilotem.: I _____ a pilot.
a) want to
b) want be
c) want to be
d) want

a) vet
b) pilot
c) accountant
d) office

Chci hrat fotbal.: I _____ football.
a) want play to
b) to want play
c) want play
d) want to play

He _____ animals.
a) like
b) don't like
c) is like
d) likes

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