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A local government voted against the large-scale development of buildings and road in the area. What could have been the motive behind their decision?
a) It could lead to a decrease in the average annual temperature in the area.
b) It could lead to the formation of heat islands, which may impact the microclimate in the area.
c) It could lead to the introduction of invasive species, which may impact the area.
d) It could lead to a decrease in acid rain production in the area.

A company has several factories around the world and has decided to transition from burning fossil fuels to using alternative energy resources. How could a decrease in burning fossil fuels impact the atmosphere?
a) It could decrease the oxygen levels of the atmosphere.
b) It could increase the nitrogen levels of the atmosphere.
c) It could decrease the carbon dioxide levels of the atmosphere.
d) It could increase the sulfur dioxide levels of the atmosphere.

Some factories can increase the amount of thermal pollution by dumping heated water into lakes and rivers. How can this type of pollution affect aquatic environments?
a) It can reduce the number of aquatic species in the environment.
b) It can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the environment.
c) It can reduce the decomposition rate of organisms in the environment.
d) It can increase th elife expectancy of animals in the aquatic environment.

Since 1901, global surface temperatures have risen at an average rate of 0.13 degrees every ten years. In which way could the average increase in global temperatures influence Earth?
a) by decreasing erosion within coastal ecosystems
b) by decreasing periods of drought in all water systems
c) by increasing the amount of flooding because of rising sea levels
d) by increasing the formation of sea ice within polar regions

Which example describes an abiotic factor that could impact the diversity of an ecosystem?
a) An increase in prey can impact the number of predators in an ecosystem.
b) The introduction of an invasive species can change the amount of available resources in an ecosystem.
c) An increase in the amount of acid rain can change the pH of the soil in an ecosystem.
d) The competition for food can impact the survival rate between members of the same species in an ecosystem.

Kudzu, a vine covering many acres of NC, was introduced to the US to control erosion. Over the years, scientists found that kudzu creates problems by growing rapidly and preventing other plants from getting sunlight. Which best describes kudzu?
a) a noncompetitive species
b) an invasive, nonnative species
c) an agent of erosion
d) an abiotic factor

Which could most likely have a lasting negative impact on the biodiversity of an area?
a) clear-cutting
b) selective cutting
c) an increase in plant populations
d) a reduction in the use of fertilizers

How could the exponential growth of the human population impact regions throughout the world?
a) It could lead to a decrease in the amount of pollution in the regions.
b) It could lead to an increase in the biodiversity of the regions.
c) It could lead to an increase in the demand for food in the regions.
d) It could lead to a decrease in the demand for land within the regions.

Which best describes the relationship between carrying capacity and Earth's resources?
a) A population that is below the carrying capacity will have an increase in contagious diseases.
b) A population that is above the carrying capacity will have a decrease in natural resources.
c) A population that is below the carrying capacity will experience a decrease in freshwater resources.
d) A population that is above the carrying capacity will experience an increase in plant production.

Which alternative energy technology could take advantageĀ of land and sea breezes in coastal North Carolina?
a) biofuels production
b) wind farms
c) solar energy panels
d) nuclear fusion

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