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a) the quality of not tolerating
b) ability to tolerate
c) process of tolerating
d) the quality of tolerating

a) someon who plays against another in a match
b) the process of playing against another in a match
c) everyone who is on the same team
d) the quality of playing well against another

a) younger relative
b) close friend
c) biographer
d) great-grandparent

a) the same as
b) worse than
c) harder than
d) different from

a) concluded
b) doubted
c) overlooked
d) misunderstood

a) a large area
b) a dark area
c) a large number
d) a confined space

a) very cold
b) inviting
c) miserable
d) normal

a) gave up
b) withheld
c) collected
d) loaned out

a) superior
b) humorous
c) brief
d) average

a) resident
b) passer-by
c) manager
d) neighbor

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