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White light is made from the following
a) ratatack
b) rgy
c) cmyk
d) roygbiv

Certain colors reflect our feelings, values, and attitudes. Which color is associated with cool, peaceful, tranquil
a) white
b) black
c) blue
d) purple

Which is a pigment primary color?
a) yellow
b) purple
c) red
d) green

What light colors produce magenta
a) green and blue
b) blue and red
c) yellow and red
d) magenta and blue

In theory, what results from mixing the three primary pigment colors?
a) blue
b) gray
c) white
d) black

which color model is used on a web page
a) CMY
b) HSV
d) RGB

Which property of color refers to a pure wavelength of light?
a) saturation
b) hue
c) intensity
d) value

which color model is referred to as the additive color process?
a) light
b) paint
c) HSV
d) pigment

what color(s) are absorbed when we see green grass?
a) blue and red
b) magenta and blue
c) red and yellow
d) green

A student creates interest in a visualization by contrasting the amount of light and dark. What color element is used?
a) rhythm
b) value
c) hue
d) wavelength

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