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What major event happened just before the Roaring Twenties?
b) WWI
c) Reconstruction
d) The Great Depression

What caused the Roaring Twenties to end?
a) The Stock Market crashed
b) WWI
c) The Great Depression
d) Reconstruction

Overproduction, lower wages, and overused credit were all causes for ___________
a) The Roaring Twenties
b) The Great Depression
c) The Industrial Revolution
d) Immigration

What term means to buy now and pay back later?
a) Now and Later
b) Buy and Pay
c) Card
d) Credit

What was the problem with credit?
a) People couldn't make the payments
b) People overpaid
c) People lost their jobs
d) People lost their jobs and couldn't make the payments

What were some new technologies of the 1920's?
a) Cars
b) Airplanes for personal use
c) Radios and Movies
d) All of these

What amendment was passed in 1920 with the help of Susan B. Anthony?
a) 13th
b) 19th
c) 18th
d) 21st

What term means, large amounts of African Americans leaving the south and moving to the north and north west?
a) Great Migration
b) Harlem Renaissance
c) Mass Migration
d) Civil Rights Movement

Lynchings, the Boll Weevil, Jim Crow Laws, and Sharecropping were all causes for what?
a) The Great Depression
b) The Harlem Renaissance
c) The Great Migration
d) WWI

These men travelled the country looking for work during the Great Depression
a) Hobos
b) Homeless
c) Children
d) Women

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