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Put the following events in the order they happened.
a) Reconstruction, WWI, Industrial Revolution, Roaring Twenties
b) Reconstruction, Industrial Revolution, WWI, Great Depression
c) Industrial Revolution, Native American Battles, Great Depression, Civil War
d) Civil War, Reconstruction, Roaring Twenties, WWI

Unrestrcted submarine warfare and ties to Great Britain are 2 reasons that the U.S. ____________
a) Entered the Civil War
b) Entered the Spanish American War
c) Joined WWII
d) Joined WWI

This Reconstruction plan support the Black Codes.
a) Lincoln
b) Johnson
c) Congress
d) None of these

No Ex-Confederates in Government, Strict on the South, and Supported African American rights. Which Reconstruction plan does this describe?
a) Johnson
b) Lincoln
c) Congress
d) None of these

What offically ended WWI?
a) The Treaty of London
b) The Treaty of Paris
c) The Treaty of Versailles
d) None of these

Which term means to produce many products at one and sell them cheaply?
a) Mass Production
b) Under Production
c) Assembly Line
d) Monopoly

What is another name for Hoovervilles?
a) Unemployment
b) Shantytowns
c) Run Down Towns
d) Shacks

Which machine made harvesting crops easier?
a) Windmill
b) Steel Plow
c) Mechanical Reaper
d) Tractor

Which of the following are discriminatory laws?
a) Poll Tax
b) Grandfather Clause
c) Literacy Test
d) All of the Above

Which of the following groups faced discrimination?
a) African Americans
b) Chinese Immigrants
c) Mexican Americans
d) All of the above

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