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Which term best describes policy of many European nations towards Italy, Japan, and Germany from 31-39?
a) Non-Aggession
b) Appeasement
c) Isolationism
d) Containment

What was one purpose of JFK's Alliance for Progress?
a) Create treaties with Latin America
b) Improve relations with Latin America
c) Promote free elections in Panama
d) Promote Panamanian dictatorship

What organization was created following WW2 to promote global peace and cooperation?
a) League of Nations
b) United Nations
d) Warsaw Pact

What economic policy to FDR use to respond to the Great Depression?
a) Supply Side
b) Laissez Faire
c) Deficit Spending
d) Global Interdependence

What factor added to troubles of Mid-West farmers during the Depression?
a) Overcharging by Railroads
b) The Dustbowl
c) The End of Prohibition
d) The Election of FDR

Which BEST reflects the growing prosperity of the US in the years following WW2?
a) The Northern Migration
b) The Civil Rights Movement
c) The Beatnik Movement
d) Growth of suburbia and consumerism

What political trend characterized McCarthyism?
a) Effort to end welfare and reduce size of gov't
b) Willingness to provide asylum to immigrants
c) Effort to promote Civil Equality in US
d) Use of false accusation of communism as a political weapon

This Cold War policy said that the US would help any nation to resist the spread of communism
a) Marshall Plan
b) Truman Doctrine
c) Kennan Plan
d) Hearts and Minds

What impact did Title IX have on educational institutions in America?
a) Use of quotas for enrollment
b) Creation of standardized testing goals
c) Equal funding for mens and womens sports
d) Gov't funded school vouchers

In what nation did President Clinton use force to attempt to bring an end to ethnic fighting?
a) Bosnia
b) Israel
c) Cuba
d) China

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