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The FIRST step in sketching an isometric circle or ellipse is to a sketch a(n):
a) Small arc tangent at points
b) Square
c) Isometric square/rhombus
d) Large arc tangent at points

Which type of PICTORIAL sketch allows circles to appear on the front face as a true circle?
a) Multi-view
b) Perspective
c) Isometric
d) Oblique

In an ISOMETRIC sketch, what lines are NOT PARALLEL to the three isometric axes?
a) Trimetric
b) Vertical
c) Elliptical
d) Non-Isometric

Which PICTORIAL sketch shows the most descriptive features parallel to the plane of projection?
a) Perspective
b) Isometric
c) Multi-view
d) Oblique

Which type of OBLIQUE sketch is drawn with FULL DEPTH?
a) multi-view
b) Cabinet
c) Cavalier
d) Normal

In an ISOMETRIC sketch, a circle will appear as a (n):
a) Circle
b) Arc
c) Straight line
d) Ellipse

Which PICTORIAL sketch shows an object as the eye would see it?
a) Orthographic
b) Oblique
c) Perspective
d) Isometric

When sketching long, narrow objects in OBLIQUE, distortion can be lessened by placing the long dimension along:
a) A 45 degree receding axis
b) The vertical axis
c) The 30 degree receding axis
d) The horizontal axis

What is the angle of an ISOMETRIC sketch?
a) 15 degrees
b) 30 degrees
c) 45 degrees
d) 60 degrees

In an OBLIQUE sketch, on which plane are arcs, holes, and irregular features commonly placed?
a) Horizontal
b) Any plane
c) Frontal
d) Profile

To construct an ISOMETRIC sketch, how are NON-ISOMETRIC lines be drawn?
a) 60 degrees off the horizontal
b) 30 degrees off the horizontal
c) Use protrator and measure the angle
d) Locate 2 endpoints and connect

The angle between ISOMETRIC axes is:
a) 90 degrees
b) 120 degrees
c) 180 degrees
d) 270 degrees

Which type of OBLIQUE sketch has the receding axis drawn at one-half the true depth?
a) General
b) Uniform
c) Cabinet
d) Cavalier

How many axes are in a PICTORIAL sketch?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5

What type of sketch is typically used for an object with very little thickness?
a) Pictorial
b) Single View
c) Multiview
d) Isometric

Which PICTORIAL sketch as a 90 degree angle between two of its three axes?
a) Oblique
b) Multi-view
c) Perspective
d) Isometric

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