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In which direction do all waves travel?
a) toward the source
b) inward from the source
c) outward from the source
d) backward from the source

On Earth which surface absorbs the most heat from the sun?
a) lakes
b) grassy fields
c) sandy desert
d) blacktopped road

Why does the Earth's equator receive more heat from the sun than the poles?
a) Light rays are more direct
b) Light rays are blocked
c) Light rays are indirect
d) Light rays are longer

Which of the following would most likely happen without the Greenhouse Effect?
a) too cold to support life
b) too hot to support life
c) global warming
d) no change

Which of the following allows the Earth's atmosphere to trap heat from the sun?
a) Eclipses
b) Coriolis Effect
c) Global Friction
d) Greenhouse Effect

How much of the sun's energy does the Earth receive?
a) none
b) very little
c) almost all
d) almost half

Heat and light from the sun travel to the Earth as which type of wave?
a) Microwaves
b) Sound Waves
c) Seismic waves
d) Radiation waves

Which of the following happens during a nuclear reaction?
a) Atomic particles are condensed then implode
b) Particles collide producing heat and light
c) Atomic particles are destroyed
d) Particles are pushed apart

The sun's nuclear explosions produce enormous amounts of which of the following?
a) burning gases and asteroids
b) star dust and meteors
c) sound and heat
d) light and heat

Which of the following wave types travels THROUGH the Earth?
a) light waves
b) microwaves
c) water waves
d) seismic waves

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