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Which of the following was not an Evangelist?
a) Isaiah
b) Matthew
c) Mark
d) John

What are the two parts of the bible?
a) Old Testament and New Testament
b) Old Testament and Psalms
c) New Testament and Gospels
d) Old Testament and Gospels

What is the major theme of the Old Testament?
a) To learn about our faith up to the time of Jesus
b) To learn about Jesus and His teachings
c) To learn the 10 Commandments
d) To learn about the second coming of Christ

What is the major theme of the New Testament
a) To learn about Jesus and His teachings
b) To learn about the prophets
c) To learn about the 10 Commandments
d) To learn about the time leading up to Jesus' birth

Which of the following is NOT part of the Holy Trinity
a) Psalms
b) God
c) Jesus
d) Holy Spirit

Which of the following does not occur during the Transfiguation Story?
a) Jesus returns to heaven.
b) Moses and Elijah appear.
c) Jesus' face shone like the sun.
d) Jesus' clothese became white as light.

The perfect world that God created is referred to as
a) original justice.
b) original sin.
c) heaven.
d) hell.

Eternal separation from God is known as
a) hell.
b) heaven.
c) purgatory.
d) last judgement.

Jesus returning to His Father in heaven is called
a) the ascension.
b) the passion.
c) the resurrection.
d) the transfiguration.

The time of Jesus' suffering before His death is known as
a) the passion.
b) the crucifixion.
c) the resurrection.
d) the ascension.

The 40 days after Easter in which the Apostles received the gifts of the Holy Spirit is called
a) Pentecost
b) Epiphany
c) Christmas
d) Lent

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