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Ocean surface water temperatures depends on the solar energy an area receives due to which of the following?
a) Latitude
b) Longitude
c) Organism
d) Salinity

Two factors that affect the density of ocean water are
a) salinity and light
b) salinity and energy
c) salinity and chemicals
d) salinity and temperature

Which of the following factors does NOT control the movement of surface currents?
a) salinity
b) location of the continents
c) Earth's rotation
d) winds

Deep ocean currents are caused by
a) differences in density of ocean water
b) global wind belts
c) the Coriolis Effect
d) continental barriers

The ocean has the most impact on which of the following characteristics of the atmosphere?
a) humidity and the winds
b) temperature and humidity
c) ozone and temperature
d) precipitation and carbon dioxide

How does MOST of the heat from the equator transfer to the polar areas?
a) surface currents
b) deep water currents
c) Coriolis Effect
d) conduction

Which of the following will NOT help reduce Carbon Dioxide levels in the atmosphere?
a) using public transportation
b) driving a hybrid car
c) burning more fossil fuels
d) recycling

Climate does NOT change as a result of
a) plate tectonic motion
b) general circulation models
c) human activity
d) volcanic activity

Which of the following is NOT a result of climate change?
a) sea-level change
b) global warming
c) change in tidal patterns
d) changes in precipitation

Over the past 150 years, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has
a) decreased
b) increased
c) stayed the same

Increased carbon dioxide may cause global warming by
a) allowing more sunlight into the atmosphere
b) reflecting more sunlight from clouds
c) reducing the amount of oxygen in the air
d) trapping more heat in the atmosphere

How long does it take aquifers to be recharged by the water cycle?
a) days
b) weeks
c) months
d) years

An ? is an underground layer of rock filled with fresh water.
a) reservoirs
b) aquifer
c) lake
d) swamp

When a country doesn't have enough fresh water to support the needs of its population, it is described as a water
a) scarcity
b) stress
c) sufficiency
d) surplus

Which of the following are sources of fresh water that humans can use for drinking and other needs?
a) oceans and ground water
b) surface water and ground water
c) salt water and fresh water
d) swamps and rivers

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