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Conduction heats only the lowest few centimeters of the atmosphere because
a) air does not come into contact with Earth
b) air comes into direct contact with the warmed surface of Earth
c) molecules of air in the lower atmosphere are close together
d) molecules in the upper atmosphere do not collide

Energy from the sun travels as waves through space as
a) visible light
b) radiation
c) infrared rays
d) ultraviolet rays

Which statement describes the warm air compared to the cool air?
a) the rising air is more dense
b) the rising air is less dense
c) the rising air is cooler
d) the rising air is thicker

The main source of energy to the climate system is
a) Gravitational Contraction
b) Radioactive Decay
c) Solar Radiation
d) Wind Power

When air moves slowly, it takes on the temperature and humidity of its region, becoming a(n)
a) occluded front
b) hurricane
c) air mass
d) storm surge

Hurricanes typically form over
a) cold ocean water
b) tropical rain forests
c) warm ocean water
d) very dry land masses

Cold, dry air affecting the northern United States in winter often comes from
a) maritime polar air masses
b) maritime tropical air masses
c) continental polar air masses
d) continental tropical air masses

The prevailing westerlies, the major wind belts over the continental United States, generally push air masses from
a) east to west
b) west to east
c) north to south
d) south to north

Winds are caused by differences in
a) precipitation
b) humidity
c) air pressure
d) turbulence

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a high-pressure system?
a) sinking air
b) dense air
c) fair weather
d) thunderstorms

What type of weather is associated with a High Pressure system?
a) clear skies and sunny
b) cloudy skies and rain
c) flooding
d) drought

What type of weather is associated with a Low Pressure system?
a) clear skies and sunny
b) cloudy skies and rain
c) flooding
d) drought

Which of the following conditions is issued when severe weather has been spotted in a given area?
a) warning
b) watch
c) emergency
d) declaration

Which of the following does NOT cause major health concerns after large floods?
a) contaminated drinking water
b) growth of black mold
c) debris hidden under water
d) extreme cold

Which type of severe weather events should residents of Genesee County prepare for most?
a) hurricanes, tornadoes, thunderstorms
b) blizzards, tornadoes, thunderstorms
c) floods, tornadoes, thunderstorms
d) hurricanes, tornadoes, floods

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