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Ann plants a seed.
a) Plants
b) Ann
c) Seed
d) None

The seed grows into a flower.
a) grows
b) flower
c) seed
d) none

The sun rises in the morning.
a) morning
b) sun
c) rises
d) none

The sun sets in the evening.
a) evening
b) sun
c) sets
d) none

The snow falls on the ground.
a) ground
b) falls
c) snow
d) none

The sun melts the snow.
a) melts
b) snow
c) sun
d) none

The boy plays ball.
a) boy
b) plays
c) ball
d) none

The girl runs fast.
a) runs
b) girl
c) fast
d) none

The plant grows big.
a) big
b) plant
c) grows
d) none

The boy talks to his friend.
a) friend
b) talks
c) boy
d) none

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