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The belief that Americans had a god given right to move westward was expressed using the phrase
a) Forty-miners
b) Transcendentalism
c) Expansion
d) Manifest destiny

The Second Great Awakening wanted individuals to focus on
a) Equality for all
b) Improving society and themselves
c) Helping women gain the right to vote
d) Moving away from the church

The abolition movement emphasized
a) Ending the use of alcohol
b) Rededicating yourself to God.
c) Women's suffrage
d) Ending slavery.

Frederick Douglass was an abolitionist who believe d
a) The way to end slavery was through the government.
b) The way to end slavery is through violent rebellion.
c) The way to end slavery is to move blacks back to Africa
d) The way to end slavery is through prayer.

Abolitionist Nat Turner believed the way to get rid of slavery was through
a) Moving Africans back to Africa.
b) Violent rebellion.
c) Government action.
d) Prayer.

Industry developed in what part of the country?
a) Southwest
b) South
c) North
d) West

Characteristics of the south include all of the following except
a) Slaves.
b) Cotton fields.
c) Plantations.
d) Industry.

The cotton gin
a) Increased the number of slaves in the south
b) Increased the need to pay slaves
c) Decreased the number of slaves.
d) Made it more difficult to pick cotton.

The Monroe Doctrine
a) Promoted slavery in the south.
b) Told European powers to stay out of Eastern Hemisphere
c) Told European powers to stay out of Western Hemisphere.
d) Encouraged westward expansion

The Louisiana Purchase
a) Forced a war between Mexico and the U.S.
b) Doubled the size of the U.S.
c) Created tension between Great Britain and the U.S.
d) Prevented westward expansion.

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