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The measurement of the amount of energy in food is called...
a) calories
b) joules
c) newtons
d) fat

Which nutrients is very important because many of the body's processes uses it?
a) Proteins
b) Water
c) Carbohydrates
d) Fat

The place where digestion begins.
a) Small Intestines
b) Liver
c) Mouth
d) Stomach

Involuntary muscle movements that contract and move food through tubes in the body.
a) chemical digestion
b) peristalsis
c) esophagus
d) paralysis

Type of digestion that physically rips apart food
a) mechanical digestion
b) chemical digestion
c) both types of digestion
d) ripping digestion

Organ that creates bile and separates nutrients in your food from the waste.
a) Stomach
b) Pancreas
c) Gallbladder
d) Liver

Organ that moves food from your mouth to your stomach.
a) Mouth
b) Esophagus
c) Small Intestines
d) Liver

Organ that digests food and releases acid that breaks down food.
a) stomach
b) mouth
c) small intestines
d) large intestines

Organ that absorbs most of the nutrients from your food.
a) Liver
b) Large Intestines
c) Small Intestines
d) Stomach

Organ that absorbs water back into the bloodstream and prepares waste to leave the body.
a) Large Intestines
b) Small Intestines
c) Stomach
d) Pancreas

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