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We are following Huntington's Disease through generations. It is a dominant allele. What is the possible genotype of an individual with the disease?
a) Hh
b) hh
c) Both Hh and hh

When a genetic counselor looks at a pedigree, what can they predict?
a) How many generations will be within a family.
b) The possibility of offspring inheriting genetic illnesses from the parents.
c) The age structure of the future offspring

We are following a recessive disease through generations.This is a symbol (O) open circle our pedigree. What would be the genotype of this individual?
a) AA
b) aa

A vertical line in a pedigree represents:
a) The couple is married
b) The offspring in the next generation
c) A recessive disease
d) A homozygous individual

A completely filled in square means:
a) An affected male
b) A carrier male
c) A carrier female
d) An unaffected female

A half-filled in circle means:
a) A carrier female
b) A female with the disease
c) An affected male
d) An unaffected male

A _________ is a chart used to follow a disease through generations of a family
a) Karyotype
b) Dependent variable
c) Chromosome
d) Pedigree

Hemophilia is a disease in which:
a) blood does not carry enough oxygen.
b) there are more white blood cells than red blood cells.
c) blood does not clot normally.

What is one characteristic of the sickle-cell disease?
a) This disease involves the production of mucus in the lungs
b) This disease is characterized by red blood cells that have a different shape.
c) This disease mainly affects individuals living at high altitudes..... for example, the the Rocky Mountains.

A solid symbol indicates that an individual has the disease. A half filled in symbol shows that a person is a carrier of the disease.
a) True
b) False

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