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How would you translate vocas?
a) I call.
b) You (pl) call.
c) They call.
d) You (s) call.

How would you translate portat?
a) They carry.
b) We carry.
c) You (pl) carry.
d) He/she/it carries.

How would you translate amatis?
a) You (s) love.
b) You (pl) love.
c) We love.
d) They love.

Which personal ending means HE, SHE, or IT?
a) s
b) o
c) t
d) nt

Which personal ending means THEY?
a) tis
b) mus
c) nt
d) t

Which personal ending means I?
a) o
b) s
c) t
d) mus

Which personal ending means YOU (plural)?
a) s
b) mus
c) nt
d) tis

Which personal ending means YOU (singular)?
a) o
b) s
c) t
d) tis

Which personal ending means WE?
a) mus
b) tis
c) nt
d) o

How would you translate laborant?
a) He/She/It works.
b) You (s) work.
c) They work.
d) I work.

How would you translate do?
a) I give.
b) You (s) give.
c) He/she/it gives.
d) We give.

How would you translate spectamus?
a) They watch.
b) We watch.
c) I watch.
d) You (pl) watch.

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