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The nervous system helps the body maintain homeostasis by
a) giving it the blood that it needs
b) regulating and controlling the rest of the human body
c) breathing in oxygen through the nose
d) providing nutrients to the rest of the body

Which of the following is where blood cells are made
a) nervous system
b) bone marrow
c) glands
d) tissue

While hiking on Mt. Rainier, Deepak found that he had to take deeper breaths as he climbed higher. Which reason explains why deeper breaths were needed?
a) As Deepak climbed higher a decrease in air pessure made his lungs smaller
b) oxygen molecules in the air are spread farther apart as altitude increases
c) As Deepak climbed higher, carbon dioxide concentrations increased
d) the hearts beat slower at higher altitudes than at lower altitudes

The central nervous system consists of our
a) brain and lungs
b) spinal cord and heart
c) brain and spinal cord
d) brain and heart

After dislocating his left elbow, Mr. Harvey had to do which of the following before he could move his elbow like normal?
a) go to the gym and lift weights to rebuild his Herculean physique
b) allow time for the healing of soft tissues that support his elbow's movement
c) Score the most points and become a legend at least in his own mind in the staff vs. student basketball game
d) fight and defeat the bear attacked him and caused his elbow's dislocation

One function of the human endoskeleton is to
a) transmit impulses
b) produce blood cells
c) produce lactic acid
d) store nitrogenous wastes

The body cells of most multicellular animals are not in direct contact with the external environment. These cells are supplied with material from the environment by
a) a central nervous system
b) hydrolytic enzymes
c) sense receptors
d) a circulatory system

In humans, gas exchange and gas transport occur as a result of the functioning of a system of
a) phloem tubes
b) lungs and blood vessels
c) ganglia
d) setae

In humans, carbon dioxide that is excreted passes from the blood directly into the
a) liver
b) alveoli
c) trachea
d) kidneys

In humans, which of the following is produced within certain bones
a) red blood cells
b) striated muscle cells
c) bile
d) urea

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