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During the 18th and 19th centuries, increased contact between Europeans and the continents of Africa, Asia, and South America resulted in
a) closer cultural cooperation between Europe and these continents
b) the exploitation of the labor and resources of these continents
c) a return to the political and economic systems of feudal Europe
d) preservation of the rights of the indigenous peoples

Which idea about imperialism is reflected in Rudyard Kipling's poem The White Man's Burden
a) African and European people are socially equally
b) Africans were grateful to Euopeans for helping them
c) the practice of imperialism was unpopular in Europe
d) Europeans felt a responsibility to care for undeveloped nations

In the poem Dawn in the Heart of Africa Patrice Lamumba is alluding to how Africa suffered due to the evil practices of
a) imperialism
b) communism
c) nationalism
d) regionalism

One result of British colonialism in India is that India
a) adopted a parliamentary system of government
b) developed religious unity
c) supported Western policies in the United Nations
d) created programs to increase its population

How did some African groups respond to missionary interference?
a) they opposed giving up their cultural and religious heritage
b) they returned to the worship of their traditional gods after the defeat of their missionaries
c) they cooperated with the missionaries for economic gain
d) they feared that missionaries would refuse to teach their children

In the late 1800s, European countries carved China into spheres of influence and controlled these areas of China. Which term best describes these actions?
a) socialism
b) conservativism
c) imperialism
d) isolationism

How were the borders of many African countries established in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries?
a) They were established by the United Nations
b) They were established by European governments
c) They were established by African elected leaders
d) They were established by the Organization for African unity

Like the Panama canal, the Suez Canal change history because
a) U.S. restrictions prevented access to most ships
b) the high cost of construction resulted in a worldwide depression
c) goods could get to the consumer faster than before
d) The United States was responsible for its military protection

Which of the following explains why Japan was more successful than China in resisting imperial encroachments in the nineteenth century?
a) The introduction of democracy by the Meiji Restoration
b) lack of interest in Japanese markets
c) The willingness of Japan's elite to sponsor reform
d) Japan's manipulation of the rivalries among Western governments

During the nineteenth century, Asian and African rulers usually desired transfer of which of the following technologies?
a) medicines
b) weapons
c) textile manufacturing equipment
d) chemical fertilizers

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