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What traits could represent the phenotype of an organism?
a) Tt, purple
b) wrinkled, ww
c) yellow, tall
d) Rr, RR

If free ear lobes (L) are dominant over attached ear lobes (l), what is the phenotype of an individual with a genotype of ll?
a) LL
b) Free ear lobes
c) Attached ear lobes
d) One attached and one free ear lobe

The small segments of a chromosome that helps code for a trait are called
a) genotypes
b) proteins
c) nucleotides
d) genes

In rabbits, black fur (B) is dominant over white fur (b). If a hybrid black rabbit mated with a purebred white rabbit, what percentage of the offspring will have black fur?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 50%
d) 100%

In a genotype, what does the lower case letter represent?
a) Multiple dominance
b) Incomplete dominance
c) The dominant trait
d) The recessive trait

Of the choices listed below, where is genetic engineering most often applied?
a) Medicine and agriculture
b) solar panels and electricity
c) dish detergent and shampoo
d) dentistry and computers

Widow's peak (W) is a dominant trait. Straight hairline (w) is a recessive trait. If parents that are both hybrids (Ww) for the trait have 4 children, what percent of the 4 children will express widow's peak?
a) 0%
b) 25%
c) 75%
d) 100%

What forms the chemical code within a molecule of DNA?
a) The arrangement of the sugars and bases
b) The arrangement of the nitrogenous bases
c) The arrangement of the phosphates and sugars
d) The arrangement of the chromosomes

Research shows that genes can successfully be put into potato plants and produce vaccines against cholera and hepatitis B. What is the name for this type of research?
a) Genetic engineering
b) Chromosome mutation
c) Trait extraction
d) DNA replicating

Which sex chromosome combination is for a female?
a) XX
b) XY
c) YY
d) XYY

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